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Fix your pain by working with physical therapy experts. Get back out there with confidence. 

6841 Mountain View Rd / Ooltewah, TN 37363
(423) 243-0394

How It Works

Step 1: Evaluation

CrossFit athletes, Golfers, Swimmers and more learn the cause for their pain or movement problem. 

Step 2: control the pain and Move well

If you are in pain, you will not move well. If you do not move well; you are limited with your performance. Treatment sessions will focus on getting you back to your sport or activity as soon as possible. 

Step 3: learn tools to keep the problem from coming back.

In this crucial final step, you will be armed with the tools/corrective exercises to keep your problem from coming back!

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Interested? Please start by watching this video...

Unsure if we can help? Talk to one of our team members on the phone first to see if our Doctors of Physical Therapy are the right fit for you!



I cannot say enough great things about Andy from AJ physical therapy. I’ve seen a few PTs over my life, and his by far the most thorough and focused PTs I’ve worked with. He took his time on my assessment and was able to hone in on the problem. I enjoyed his use of new and innovative methods like dry needling and cupping. After a few weeks of work with Andy, my back pain was completely resolved. He’s a miracle worker!


Dr. Jeremy has been an essential and key part of my recovery journey! I initially completed my assessment for both shoulders due to numbness and tingling down my arms while working out & sleep during the night. I have also completed an assessment for ankle mobility. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to physical therapy while adhering to my daily work demands, along with scheduling needs. Dr. Jeremy has been sure to adapt my program specific to my personal needs in addition to progress for fitness goals. Each visit has been intentional with excellent communication, care, and model examples for in office and at-home program exercises. I'm so excited to see my progress and to learn how to properly condition my body & how to engage new muscles without causing any harm or damage to my body. This journey has been so rewarding! Both Dr. Jeremy & Dr. Andy are very kind professionals who have mastered the art of making their clients feel seen, heard, and celebrated along each personalized physical therapy journey. I would recommend AJ Physical Therapy for your one-on-one care experiece. 


Conventional and mainstream PT stop at rehabilitated range of motion. Dr. Andy Johnson and Jeremy Wampler go WELL beyond by restoring proper function and muscle firing and coordination. They get you back to what you were doing before the injury or surgery. Literally. This practice, over any other, is well worth your dollars.


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