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Fix your pain by working with an expert. Get back out there with confidence. 

6841 Mountain View Rd / Ooltewah, TN 37363
(423) 243-0394

How It Works

Step 1: Evaluation

CrossFit athletes, Golfers, Swimmers and more learn the cause for their pain or movement problem. 

Step 2: control the pain and Move well

If you are in pain, you will not move well. If you do not move well; you are limited with your performance. Treatment sessions will focus on getting you back to your sport or activity as soon as possible. 

Step 3: learn tools to keep the problem from coming back.

In this crucial final step, you will be armed with the tools/corrective exercises to keep your problem from coming back!

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Interested? Please start by watching this video...

Unsure if we can help? Talk on the phone first with Doctors of Physical Therapy Andy or Jeremy to see if we are the right fit for you!



I highly recommend Andy Johnson.

He is an exceptional physical therapist. Andy helped my son rehab after Tommy John's surgery and helped him work through some recurring shoulder pain from pitching. He is back to pitching again and throwing with more velocity than ever before. And no pain! 

Jessica M. 

I’ve been working with Andy for 6+ weeks through some ankle mobility issues that were inhibiting my squats and other exercises [during CrossFit workouts]. I have no previous or existing injuries but wanted to ensure I was approaching some of my limiting factors correctly. From the beginning, Andy’s been a complete professional— starting with a complete assessment, implementation of a plan of action, and clear direction for how to work toward improvements, and measurable goals along the way. He’s clearly a practitioner of wholistic care, always educating and explaining how things are related to/affect one another. He’s taken the time to understand my “why,” and I’m happy to have found his help.  And for the business-minded folks: pricing is clear/consistent, the billing is accurate and timely, and invoices are provided in an electronic format that’s easily submitted to an HSA for reimbursement. All around, a solid business and a sound practice. I’m very pleased with my experience, and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact him about any issues or injuries.

Christen H.

Both my husband and son have been recommended to Andy! 

My Husband had knee replacements, and just went on a backpacking hike 30 miles in the smoky mountains! Only 6 months after his surgery!!  Our son had a broken collar bone playing Lacrosse. We thought he would be benched for the rest of the year. Andy worked with him, had him back in the field scoring!  Yes, I would recommend Andy! Andy’s knowledge and passion for rehabbing all his patients is the top of his profession.

Diane H.

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