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-We help CrossFit athletes and other fitness enthusiasts get out of pain, move better and get back to the workouts they love! 

-At AJ Physical Therapy, and Performance, Golferwill go through 1) the Titleist Performance Institute movement screen 2) video swing analysis and 3) a treatment plan to get back to hitting the ball straighter, while creating more power and playing golf pain free! 

-Swimmers: you having recurring shoulder pain in the water and not sure what to do about it? Don't worry we see this all the time! we can help you get back to swimming without pain and moving faster in the water!

-Runners are taken through comprehensive testing and movement evaluations to discover the root cause of their pain with running. 

Treatment Options include:

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization


-Trigger point dry needling

-Manual Joint mobilizations and manipulations

-Manual stretching

-Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT)

-Motor control training

-Progressive corrective exercises

-Normatec compression boots

-Electrical Stimulation

-Kinesio taping

-Leuko corrective taping

-Home Exercise Programming


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