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Fixing Hip Pain in the Functional Fitness Athlete

Let's face it; you like to live a healthy and active lifestyle! So if are dealing with hip pain or stiffness, it keeps you from participating in the activities you love, and THAT is a PROBLEM. But there is a way to help you solve this problem and the best first step is working with a physical therapist who is an expert when working with athletes and clients who deal with hip pain during exercise.

The question is this: how do you choose the best physical therapist for you to help solve your hip pain and stiffness problem? Here are 3 things you should look for in your search.

ONE: Find a physical therapist who understands the sport or activity that is important to you! This can be a game changer when your doctor of physical therapy understands exactly what your body needs to go through in order to participate in your sport or workouts at a high level. Consider this analogy: If I am craving some good Thai soup, I'm likely not going to stop at an authentic Mexican restaurant and ask them to make me this soup. The chef there may be amazing, but he is likely not an expert at making Thai soup. Same goes for choosing your physical therapist.

TWO: Call the clinic and see if they have experience with treating hip pain on clients that fit your specific avatar. A lot of times an office manager can answer your questions. But it's well within your right to ask to speak to the Doctor of physical therapy to have your questions answered to see if they are a good fit for you.

THREE: Find a clinic that is able to provide one-on-one treatments with your therapist. Many outpatient clinics are too busy to provide 1-on-1 client care every visit. Often times better outcomes in less visits can be reached when your therapist has the time to develop rapport with you and facilitate a more customized plan to reach your goals of decreased hip pain, less stiffness and maximized function in your sport or workouts.

*One extra pro tip for you*: DON'T WAIT! the research is clear that the quickest and best overall outcomes with hip pain and stiffness are reached when physical therapy interventions are started soon after injury or onset of pain/symptoms. So select the best physical therapist for your hip pain soon!

In the mean time, Check out this blog on how the hip affects your squat. It has some good actionable steps to start fixing your hip problem right away!

As always feel free to reach out to us at AJ Physical Therapy with any questions or concerns.

Andy Johnson PT, DPT, OCS

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