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Improve Your Golf Performance and Decrease Pain

6 Exercises to Decrease Pain and Improve Performance in Your Golf Game

Golf can be a frustratingly difficult game! The golf swing requires a lot of joints moving and muscles working simultaneously to create that perfect shot we all desire. The purpose of this blog is to share a few exercises that may improve your golf performance and decrease your pain/prevent injuries.

Gluteal muscles:

The gluteal muscles (Hip muscles) are essential muscles for generating power in the golf swing. If we don’t properly use those muscles, we may compensate which places additional dependence on our upper body. This can lead to swing faults like coming over the top which results in a pull or the dreaded slice. Here are a few exercises to try:

Thoracic and hip mobility:

Golf is a rotational sport that requires a lot of moving parts. A large percentage of the rotation in our golf swing comes from our thoracic spine and our hips. If the spine and hips aren’t rotating appropriately it can lead to poor performance or injuries. Improper hip and thoracic spine movement can also result in compensatory movement of the lumbar spine which can lead to lower back pain. Lack of efficient mobility may cause loss of posture in the golf swing placing one in a poor position to hit the ball. Here are a few exercises to improve your mobility:

As these exercises are general in nature, they may not address your specific needs. Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like a full customized evaluation and plan.

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