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Off-Season Workout for Swimmers

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Hey Swimmers! Here is a great off season workout to keep the body in shape, challenge the lungs; but not over taxing on the body. The workout is listed below and there is videos at the bottom to teach you how to perform each exercise.


- Prone A, Y, and T (10 each)

- T Band ER and IR (10 each)

- T Band D2 flexion (10 each)

- Dead Bugs (30 sec)

- Plank (30 sec)

- Bridge holds (3x10 sec)

-Clam shells (3x10 sec)


8 min 20 sec Up Downs + 40 sec rest

8 min 20 sec Air Squats + 40 sec rest

8 min 20 sec Flutter Kicks + 40 sec rest

8 min 20 sec Lunges + 40 sec rest


prayer stretch (3x 30 sec)

Foam Roller Extension (2 min)

***Perform workout 3x/week in off season. Can use as maintenance during swim season at 1-2x/week.***

Video Instructions

Prone A, Y and T

T Band IR

T Band ER

T Band D2 Flexion

Dead Bugs


Bridge Holds

Clamshell Side Plank

Up Downs

Air Squats

Flutter Kicks


Prayer Stretch

Foam Roller Extension

Reach out with any questions

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